A "creamy" dog...

Miel-Suklaa, whose name literally means:
"Chocolate Honey"
was predisposed to sweetness.

in the heat of our home, he found his place without any worries

Miel Suklaa
Née le 30/07/2016
LOF 8 C.E. RO. 3868/530
  • Father
    LOF 8 C.E.RO 429/90

  • Mother
    JUST FOR ME du mas de rognard
    LOF 8 C.E.RO  125/704

And Yet...

One would have thought that a stallion is hard to live in everyday life, in hormonal conflict with its owner ...

But in practice it is not at all.

He is so kind ...

Lagotto Miel Suklla
Lagotto Miel Suklla
Lagotto Miel Suklla

Lagotto Romagnolo

Du Domaine de Fantasia

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